Letter to Santa :")

Dear Santa <3
I’m a good girl (as you know, I always am :”) ) and I’d never asked for anything at Xmas…so I think, I’ll use my wishes up this time <3
I want a new phone, 2 be more specific, the 1 that have 2 cameras (so I can take a pic of myself and send it 2 you, 2 show u how happy I am :”) ) and of course with wifi and 3G so I can onl FB and send mess 2 u :) (btw, can u give me ur FB add ;;) ) and I prefer a touch screen one :”)
And my second wish, I want the happiest Xmas I’d every had. I want to have enough time 2 spend with every single friends of mine, every single true friends of mine, I supposed :) and of course w my family, too :)
My third would be for health :)
My forth, I wish I could be mentally normal, not thinking to much, live positively, think positively :)
My fifth would be for success :”)
My sixth would be for love :)
Vi <3

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