High school graduated obtain documents for UBC Admission

So, if you are a high school graduated student, who is upgrading your courses, and is applying to University of British Columbia, this post is for you.

This is my first time posting experience-sharing post, so it’s kind of messy. I hope it’s still understandable. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. I will try my best to find the answer.

I have been under a lot of stress lately when I have to, pretty much, find myself out of the Application “mess.” I know, I know. However, I am partly lucky. I think, because I got an email from Mrs. Paola Baca, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission. Anyways, let me stop whining and cut to the point.

I am a Nov 2012 graduated student, who is taking Law 12 at VLN as an academic course required by UBC. Here is what I put in my application: Graduated, Upgrading English 12 (because I scored 69 on my first Eng 12 Provincial test – which didn’t meet UBC Language Requirement, so I decided to re-take the test), Currently taking Law 12, Economics 12. Well, other steps are all in the application, I am not gonna discuss them here.


In this post, I will tell you how to obtain the required documents after you have submitted your application.

I was first asked to submit my Interim Mark Report from VLN and an official transcript from the BC Ministry of Education by March 15.

A. UBC applicants CAN submit their documents by dropping it off at the Information Centre in Brock Hall (1874 East Mall) EXCEPT Official Transcript Issue by the Ministry Of Education.

B. For the Interim Mark Report, I found out that VLN won’t release (i.e. send students’ marks to the Ministry) until the beginning of April (so how can I send it by March 15?), and then the Ministry will update it onto the students’ report in May, then UBC can have access to the marks. This process is perfectly fine for graduating grade 12 students (i.e. not us, graduated students).

I went on VLN website, asked around and came up with this: When requesting an Interim Mark report at VLN, there are two options:

  1.  Interim Mark Request Form: Your mark will  be sent to the Ministry in April, and UBC will receive your marks by May. This option is NOT what I want (or graduated students want).
  2. Document Request Form: Your mark will be written in a sealed mail, then you can hand this in at UBC. So, all you have to do is filling in the request form, send it to documents@vlns.ca or drop it off at VLN office. AND send an email to your teacher saying that you want an interim mark report. — You can also do the same step for Final Mark Report.

C. For the Official Transcript, you should go straight to the http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/transcript/ to order a transcript. I called my school (South Hill) and ask for a transcript. The school charges me $7.5 for each copy, and the transcript sent to UBC was unaccepted. UBC asks for the Transcript sent directly from the Ministry, so just go ahead to http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/transcript/ and order a transcript mailed to ($10 a transcript, $5 for an additional one)

The University of British Columbia
Undergraduate Admissions
2016 – 1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z1

D. To meet the language requirement, I choose to take the English 12 Provincial Exam. You can choose other methods such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc., and those requirements you can read more here. For adult education, there will only be Provincial Exam in June, August and January (as long as I recall, you can ask your counselor for specific information). If you want to take Exam in other months, try register for English 12 at VLN, because they provide exams throughout the year (or look like it!).

E. Try to always plan ahead. I plan ahead, but still, there is information that I have no idea about, so it’s kind of a struggle for me along the way. I fight hard for a place in my dream school, University of British Columbia. And I didn’t apply for any other schools (I know, it’s risky, but UBC seems to be the only school I want to be in! But don’t do this, applying to several schools is always recommended!) I haven’t got my decision yet, so I still keep my finger crossed. Wish me luck guys :)

I hope these small tips can help you guys. To be honest, this messy post is actually a result of a long journey that I have gone through under a lot of worries, just to have a place in UBC, and to share these small tips with you guys.

Anyway, just leave me a message if you have any questions, I would love to answer. Cheer!



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