Lana Del Rey – Can’t sing live?

To everyone out there who said Lana Del Rey can’t sing live (“Born To Die” live):

1) She is expressing the pain and depression of a broken heart. Why? You can care to imagine any reasons you want. You have your own story to tell. She has hers. She just uses her music to deliver it. You can’t understand. Your lose. She is expressing her emotion in her performance with the variations of tones and pitches, together with the perfect vocal technique.

2) Also, the variations in her performance is great. I really don’t want to listen to studio version on stage. May be you do. But hey, does the artist really sing? Or lip sync? Also, it makes the song refreshing every time the audiences listen to it. Why you want to pay for a ticket to a live concert to hear studio version of the song? You can do it on Youtube for FREE!


I will rest on the evidences:

This version is live in BBC Radio, it probably is filmed after the official release since the background music is the same as the studio version, but there are still slight variations

This version is before the official video comes out, the way she sang is quite close to the official release also, but there are variations

This is acoustic version with the most variations, it can be clearly heard that her vocal range is expansive, from low to high.

Official Studio Version:


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