YouBC turns into MyUBC

As my previous post, I was talking about my (painful-but totally worth it) experience submitting application to University of British Columbia. I think it wouldn’t be complete unless I tell you guys the result.


I got accepted. I am officially a freshman for UBC Arts this September. A new category has been created, and my college life will be updated around that. The more exciting thing is that it’s UBC Vancouver, OMG, the most beautiful campus on Earth. I am actually envious with those who have summer school, cause…it’s gorgeous there xD

So I track my Tumblr tag #ubc, and a post came up about the girl who is wondering between UofOttawa and UBC. She made her final decision after the hockey game tonight (May 3rd, 2013) when Cannuck lost to Senators. She decided to go to UofOttawa.

It’s interesting how the game can affect her University’s decision like that.

To me, my reasons for UBC are:

+ The beautiful campus (i mean, it looks like heaven @@ ~ the campus makes me want to live in it immediately, especially the 1 billion dollars view it has.)

+ The world ranking (ok ok, i show off sometimes, I admit that…it’s also good for my job application, too…so yah :”>)

+ UBC clear admission application (yah, after looking at UBC application, I really don’t want to fill in any other applications. I mean, why the hell things should be so complicated when it can be THIS simple!)

+ The location (super near my house =)) 20 minutes drive and I am at the heart of UBC Vancouver, and come on, it’s Vancouver!!)

+ The UBC advisor and tour guide are awesome xD (i mean they created a very professional impression.)

+ The exchange program to France (i know, most of the Universities offer this, but I first learnt this at the tour in UBC)

+ I am afraid of moving and having to get used to the new environment again…

Well, above all, I just feel like UBC is my place. I didn’t apply for any other schools, just UBC.

I was really scared: what if I didn’t get accepted…?

What a relief now :)

Thanks all my teachers for helping me through the courses and giving me good marks.

Thanks my advisor, counselor, UBC’s admission officers for answering my concerns and guiding me through the application process.

Thanks mommy for all the support.

Thanks Henry for believing in me and going with me through the stress I had while waiting for the result.

Thanks Ivan for helping me with English 12 Provincial and believing in my ability.

I couldn’t go this far without all of you.

I learn that, in this world, I just can’t succeed by myself, instead I have to stay connect, support other and earn support.

It’s mutual. Just like my major in Relations, {Unfinished journey continues with a comma}


Also I would have a personal blog on Tumblr, as you guys know. I have gone through some downs in life now, so I changed the address of the blog. Therefore, my personal blog is now inaccessible unless you follow me on Tumblr.

I am thinking about creating a new one with the same address as you guys have, to update my daily status about how my life is at UBC, and many more. However, still I want to live with my true self, and share it with those who really cares for me.

Let me know what you guys think. In the meantime, you can keep in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter.


(aka Lots of Love)


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