Handmade Flashcards’ cover/holder/binder


Inspired by a Dollar Tree’s product [$1.40 each, consists of a pair of flashcards’ sleeves and 50 (2”x3”) flashcards]

I think it’s super easy to make, so I just DIM (do it myself!)

+ Hold puncher
+ Scissors
+ Rulers
+ Pencil

+ Old binder sleeves (the one that is too old to use, broken somewhere, etc)
+ Flashcards (as many as you like)
+ Binder ring (the size depends on how many flashcards you want to keep in this flashcards’ cover)
+ Elastic band

DIY time!

1. Cut the sleeves out of the binders.
2. Measure the size of the sleeves for your flashcard.
==> What I do is that I put my flashcard on the sleeve, draw 4 dots which forms a rectangle surrounding the flashcard, then expand that (imaginary) rectangle by adding 1.2 inches (3cm) on all 4 sides. [This is easier to show than say…T^T]
3. Cut out 2 expanded rectangles!
4. Cut 2 tiny rectangles on the larger sides of the expanded rectangles (shown on photo!) ~ These acts as stopper for the elastic band!
5. Punch holds on both flashcards’ cover’s sleeves. (Haha, double possessive adjective! @@)
6. Put the flashcards in then attach everything with the binder ring.
7. Tie them up with elastic band.


Extra: You can bunch 3 small circles like the photo to write the name of the subject (or whatever topic is in the flashcards)

— Haha, I did that because I accidentally bunched the wrong hole =)

Anyways, enjoy. You can make a big/small/medium, whatever sides you want! Not like the one you buy, you just can’t change the side.

I have a bunch of smaller flashcards cut out from Barron’s SAT Book, so I will make another covers for them.

LOL <3


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