First-Year Course Registration

Hi guys,

If you keep my blog in your feed, probably you will know that I got accepted into UBC – First Year – Faculty of Arts.

Anyways, for the last week, I had been working on my “Worklist”, which consists of all the courses I will take this Winter session. It’s indeed, really stressful for me. I went to bed at 1 and woke up at 9, draining my energy just to figure out which courses I should take.

There are several things I have to consider when I choose the course:

1) The Degree-Program Requirement: I am in Arts right now, but unfortunately, I changed my mind, so I wanted to be in Business instead. Oh well, people change their minds all the time. Therefore, I, now, have to compete with the 2014 high school graduates as well as my fellow first year friends who want to be in Sauder :( I will try my luck then. That is to say, I have to make sure that I can apply for a Sauder spot, and also save a spot in International Relations (IR) (just in case I can’t get into Sauder – this is a 50/50 people!)

=> I went on BA Degree Requirement, BComm Admission Requirement, and International Relations Program Requirement to note down all the REQUIREMENTS! 

I also want to study French (and at first I wanted to be minor in French), and minor in IR if I can get into Sauder, so I also take note of those requirements.

After searching and navigating around, I realized that with my minor in IR, I can also apply for an option in International Business (IB)! Awesome right! But I have to be in Sauder first…If not, then I will go back to IR with a minor in French (or Political Science!)

Tip: After talking to my advisor, I realized that I can have a worksheet for all the requirements in Arts through Degree Navigator. All I have to do are log into my Student Service Centre (SSC), Choose Registration, then Degree Navigator, then Search for Degree, finally type in my major and enter away!! However, you can’t look at the requirements outside of your faculty. I then print the worksheet out and start filling courses in!

2) The teachers! I literally went on Rate my Professors more than I went on Facebook. LOL. This site is awesome because it shows the experiences other students have with the teachers. It makes my life so much easier when I don’t have to wish that a nice name will come with a nice teacher.

<You can ignore this part> However, I think students who don’t get to register first will face the threat of not having their desired classes and teachers. The point is those who had high high school graduating average will get to apply first, which leads to those who didn’t have high average will end up with not-the-best-professors, which then will lead to…er…further low average…I don’t know. It doesn’t seem fair, but what can I say. It’s a privilege!

3) The location: I have short legs, there, straight up! I can’t walk fast…so I want my classes to be near. As near as possible. I don’t want to be late for classes, sweating or gasping for breath when I am in class. I don’t want to be late for midterms and finals, too. I also choose the nice classrooms and beautiful buildings. Don’t judge me! Environment has a large impact on my studying. Also, it always rains in Vancouver, so running to classes in the rain is so not pleasurable. And think about it when it’s cold outside. I don’t know about you, but I really just want to stay in with a cup of hot chocolate and dream on. Joking, joking! The point is, I don’t want to be sick! However, this should not be as important as the teachers.

Update: You can click on the room number on the page of a specific section of a specific course, and then you can click on View Map to see the location of the building, and View Room to see how big the room is or its outline.

4) Personally I think 5 courses per term is reasonable. I don’t want to spend extra money in Summer session for courses that I could have taken in Winter. Economically speaking! I also register for important courses in the first term, so…just in case I fail or am not satisfied with the mark, I can re-take it.

So, after considering all the factors, I come up with this timetable for two terms in this Winter session:

term 1 term 2

As you guys can see, ASTU 150, Math 104, Econ 101 and 102 are courses I will use to apply into Sauder. ASTU 150 also satisfies one component of the Language and Literature Requirement in Arts. Math 104 satisfies 3/6 credits in Science Requirement for BA Degree. Econ 101 and 102 are two must-take courses for IR Major. There!

Hist 103 is a international related course which will satisfy both IR and IB requirement. French 101 and 102 are language courses which will satisfy both IR and IB requirement, also.

I take Commerce 100 because I will be in Sauder, so having a basic understand of business helps! I take Psyc 102 because I just want to understand people’s mind, and that course is just a relaxation for me, I guess!

I wanted to take Poli 260, as it’s a requirement for IR, but I can’t because of the time conflict…so I will take that in my second year.

Updated on June 06th, 2013: I planned to register for 2 laboratory/discussion sections of French, History and Economics to have more hours to ask/understand more about the courses. I hope it’s possible, and I won’t stress out too much from these extra sections.

I also have plan for my Summer already: Geog 101 and 102 (World related topics – which will satisfy IB requirement) and French 111 and 112. French 112 will satisfy the other component in Language and Literature requirement. Yay!

This is my study plan. I do keep my fingercross for my being able to get the classes I want, AND for this plan to WORK!

Wish me luck guys :)

I will tell you next year the outcome of my plan :)

I will post another post about what I prepared for University. Stay tuned!

LOL = Lots of Love xD


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