The Cheapest Yoga Holder?

Hi gals,

Vancouver is known for its yoga tradition, and I have lived here long enough to finally want to do some yoga.

UBC has a Yoga Club with an unlimited one-year membership for $10. Good deal! Therefore, I will join the Yoga club. This lead to the fact that Linh has to equip herself with yoga stuff. Hmmm! I have a yoga mat already. It was a gift xD Yoga on! But how about the yoga holder? Can I make one myself? Or I have to spend like another 10ish bucks just to get a…tote/holder for it.

The answer is NO!

I have a lot of ribbons which came from gift boxes that I received. There, I just have to tie two knots, and then I have a yoga holder! Tada!


The trick is to tie it tightly enough! Get it? Tie tight! And bring an extra ribbon so I can replace, just in case the other breaks (which I don’t think gonna happen anytime soon ;) )

LOL <3


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