Course Registration ~

Hey yo,

I am back, and registration is over. YES!

OMG, let me have 2 minutes complaining about how courses are filled up quickly, and standard time table take almost all the best professors and time slot. Also, even though my registration was opened at 8:15 am on June 25 (the second day of registration) I can’t still register for the Fren 101 section taught by Jacques Bodolec… and Chapple’s Econ 101 section is STT (standard time table…)

Anyways, I still managed to come up with the not-that-bad timetable…and I am waiting for the announcement of Math 104 and Fren 101, 102 instructors. Also, the textbook list is released on August 12 (another race for used textbook…)

Term 1

My First Term Timetable

Term 2

My Second Term timetable

I also have registered for UBC-V Collegia for a place to store my books, food, a place to nap, study and eat. It’s $150 a year @@ ~

There. The only way to overcome registration problem is either to become an athletic or get a 95% average.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I will be taking Gateman’s Econ 101. And you know what they say, “May the force be with you.”

For me, I have my own motto: “May the odds be ever in [my] favour” (“The Hunger Games”)

LOL <3


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