I am Linh Vo, a 20 year-old Second Year Commerce at UBC.
I am blogging my way into life.


  1. How to pronounce my name?
    It pronounces “Lynn Vogue (without the /k/)”
  2. Why I address myself as a “Ms.”?
    Because my ultimate goal is to become a lady. “Ms.” simply acts as an reminder for me to always think, talk and behave like a lady.
  3. Am I a UBC student?
    Yes, I am. I am currently a second year Commerce student at The University of British Columbia – Vancouver campus, which happens to be the nicest campus on Earth.
  4. What is my favourite sport?
    I am a kind of internet nerd that don’t do sport so often. I did badminton, volleyball, basketball, bowling and table tennis. Everything is at beginners’ level. I can’t swim! I plan to stick to yoga and learn how to swim.
  5. Who are my favourite singers?
    I am obsessed with Maroon 5, and I listen to Pop/Ballad.
  6. What is my favourite genre of movies?
    I can’t understand sci-fi, action movies with a lot of slang. I hate watching horror and thriller movies. I think that’s it! I can watch everything else. I like comedy, romance, family, mystery, action, animation etc. Any down-to-earth movies.